Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Zac and Mia A.J Betts

The love child of Looking for Alaska and The Fault in our stars.

Goodreads rating: 3.74 stars

My rating: 3 stars
Disclaimer: this review is entirely honest, it is not meant to be offensive in anyway to the sensitive nature of this book.

This was the Kardashians in book form. Massively hyped for no discernible reason.
I was expecting fireworks, adorableness, heartbreak some seriously gripping emotions. I got.... nothing.
This wasn't bad, just kind of dull. Like when you meet someone  you admire and realise they can barely hold a conversation. There was no originality. I've read this story five times by different titles. The basics of it were kind of cute, Zac and Mia's relationship and all that but there was nothing new in this book. I didn't get anything out of this book, the only thing it made me feel was annoyance towards 90% of the book. I wanted to feel something. Especially considering the sensitive nature, I wanted it to break my heart and make it whole. I wanted to connect to the characters. But I just didn't. Major disappointment.
I've met these characters before, in Eleanor and Park, Looking for Alaska, The fault in our stars. Almost as many times as I change my outfit in the morning. And yet again I didn't get them. There was no depth. Mia was angry, Zac was trying to cope, Zac's mum was scared. The basics. But nothing else. I king of enjoyed the whole tapping on the wall thing between Zac and Mia but for me the rest of it didn't make sense. And my god. Mia. I wanted to slap her. I get she was going through a rough time but seriously did she have to be that ridiculous. Her personality made the relationship between her and Zac entirely forced. How do you fall in love with a bitchy girl through a wall. Was he that lonely?
Cam... dear Cam. I liked him. He was a lad. But what on earth was his purpose in the book? Why was he there. It seemed entirely unnecessary to me.
For sure there were some things in this book I liked, like the baby Alpacas on Zacs farm. But for the most part it seemed forced and unnecessary. Considering how hyped this book is, I really was expecting a lot more

Thanks for reading babes, let me know what you thought.
Shania Rose xx

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