Friday, 6 May 2016

The Newsoul Trilogy

The Newsoul trilogy by Jodi Meadows (Incarnate, Asunder, Infinite)
Average Goodreads rating 4 stars
My rating 4.5 stars
It has taken days for me to emotionally prepare myself to write this. After this series I am not okay. Like sure Jodi why don’t you just blow my mind, break my heart, make me fall in love, make me dream all in one. I can totally cope with that. If I curl up in a ball and do not do the adulting for a very, very long time.|
This series easily makes it into my top five favourite trilogies. The way Jodi Meadows used the concept of reincarnation within this series is incredible. She wove a tale that forces you to think and wonder and dream. I loved that a main theme of this book was love. Love between souls. The idea that two souls can be made for each other and body, gender and lifestyle are irrelevant. We all know how the debate about gay marriage, should it be allowed. I think this series whether intentionally or unintentionally gives a completely fresh perspective on that.
Ana and Sam. The lovers that made me feel exceptionally lonely. The way meadows developed two beautiful characters and wove them together to create one was simply stunning. I admired Ana and her wild strength. I adored Sam and his sensitive endearing nature. The contrast between the two characters and the love that created was extremely skilful. The relationship between Ana and Sam wasn't immediate, the connection was obvious but they didn't jump straight in. Throughout the series until the very last word the relationship between Ana and Sam was developing and I loved that. It was natural, it flowed, it was relatable.
The final book in the series, Infinite, was by far my favourite. For me each book was better than the last. Everything came to a head in the final novel, questions were answered, characters completed. While this was great I found the first two books to be lacking. The storylines weren’t entirely developed and sometimes didn’t completely make sense, especially in incarnate I was seriously like.... um wot. This did improve as the book went on but I really feel some things could have been deepened earlier in the story.
The same went for characters. Though I adored some of them, seriously, Armande made me think of my own Grandfather I just wanted to put him in my pocket! Some didn't make sense, or I felt their character was constantly changing throughout the novel.
Ana’s parents at once seemed to play a big part in the story and be entirely irrelevant. One minute they were there, the next they weren’t. I feel as though this left some things incomplete.
I cannot express how much I just adored these books, like where can I buy a Sam? I need one in my life. I encourage everyone to go read these right now, though you might not be able to function after...
Have a sparkling day lovely’s.

Shania Rose 

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