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Cinder, Marissa Meyer Full Book Review

Love love love this book, arrrrgh. 
I only picked it up because of all the hype surrounding the series, I was not sold on the whole cyborg thing in fact the entire premise freaked me out. But five pages in and completely and irrevocably hooked.
We've all heard the tale of Cinderella with its painful beginning and fairytale ending fit for childhood dreams. What Meyer did with this story is absolutely incredible. 
A dashing prince, an unwanted girl, evil stepmonsters and the delight of infatuation meant, Meyer kept enough of the original tale to satisfy long lasting love for the original. 
But the tragedy facing New Beijing at the hands of the virus claiming the lives of earthens across the globe and the impending menace of the Lunar queen made this a story at once heartbreaking and uplifting.
Such a ferociously intriguing book.
I adored the way Meyer contrasted the hatred of Adri and Pearl with the sweet and delicate nature of both Pearl and Iko. This really added something to Cinder, giving readers something to relate to amidst such a foreign concept.
As did the romanticism of Kai and Cinders relationship. Don’t we all know the dream of big white weddings and the prince of our dreams sweeping us off our feet. I couldn’t help but relate to Cinder and the way she fell for Kai. Especially the hopeful butterflies he ignited within her.

However, some aspects of this book left me disappointed. I felt a lot of the story elements and characters were unfinished. Dr. Erlery played such a significant role in the plot but the his character was underdeveloped. Throughout the story the basics of his personality seemed to change. Though perhaps that was an attempt to emphasize his skittish brain. Also- where an earth did his assistants from the beginning of the book go? In the scenes they were involved in the author developed them and gave them strong personalities even developing their relationship with Dr. Ellery. Then suddenly boom we never see them again.
The cyborg concept itself was also weak. The story was based around the eccentricities of Cinder. Though this was intriguing it meant readers were never given the story surrounding the original concept of cyborgs and androids. How did the world end up in this state? How do androids work? Wh are they both companions to humans and also workers for the community? How did they manage to combine androids and humans creating cyborgs? None of these questions were answered which I felt kind of weakened the foundations of the story.
I felt similarly towards the concept of Lunar and the Lunar queen. The way Lunar was introduced into the story and I found it difficult to make sense of throughout the book.
Though with three more books left in the series I hold out hope that some of these things may be clarified, magnifying the magical quality of this story.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would absolutely recommend it to anyone looking for a new YA series to get hooked on.