Thursday, 19 May 2016

Dorothy must die- Danielle Paige

Goodreads Rating: 3.86 stars

My Rating: 3 stars

The usual question Good or Wicked? This book was definitely Wicked. When I opened this book I stepped onto the yellow brick road to disappointment. I was expecting great things. Sure, I was hesitant at first- I love the original the Wizard of Oz but I was still expecting something marvellous. But my love for the original just would not die. I didn't like the way the Dorothy was twisted into this evil creature. I get the point of the story and it is an interesting concept, but its just not right. Dorothy is a darling, not some psychotic Princess.
Some chapters I couldn't get enough, I was like the Lion with fear, I wanted more more more. But the majority of the time the story was dull and excessively drawn out.
Amy Gumm. The worst main character ever. She literally made me want to bang my head against a wall. I have no clue how the Wicked characters thought she was capable of anything other than having pink hair. There was just nothing there. I thought maybe the influence of Gert, Mombi, Glamora and Nox might bring something out in her. But there was just this drawn out section of the book where she learns how to fight but seriously, like she could. The whole concept of this book was just so unbelievable, for me Paige really didn't bring it to life at all. I really didn't believe this simple girl from Kansas could become a warrior, she just didn't have it in her. She certainly didn't have the brain for it. She made so many stupid mistakes, especially while in the palace. They may have taught her magic and how to fight but they certainly didn't teach her how to jeopardize everything. The Wicked have been planning this whole escapade for a long time and when they send her to the palace she thinks they have deserted her. Like no Amy, not everything is about you now do your job and stop being dumb.
Then we have Pete who is actually Osma who is actually Pete who is actually Osma who what? Was this part of the story really necessary? It just seemed so irrelevant. Every scene with Pete I was just like, seriously get on with it this makes no sense no one cares. But he just kept on coming back.
I personally wasn't a fan of this book, it was just too frustrating. Not to mention it seemed to drag on forever. I doubt I'll continue with this series, I didn't enjoy this one enough to bother, let me know what you thought.

Shania Rose x

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